Marc'Aurelio Ranzato
Email: ranzatomr [AT] gmail [DOT] com
Brief bio

I am a research scientist at DeepMind in London. I am generally interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and, more generally, Artificial Intelligence. My long term endeavor is to enable machines to learn from weaker supervision and to efficiently transfer and acrrue knowledge across tasks, possibly leveraging the compositional structure of natural signals.

I am originally from Padova in Italy, where I graduated in Electronics Engineering. After spending several months at Caltech to work on my thesis, in 2004 I started a Ph.D. in Computer Science at New York University with Yann LeCun. I graduated in 2009 and joined Geoffrey Hinton's lab as a postdoc. In 2011, I moved to industry and was one of the very early members of the Google Brain team. In 2013, I joined Facebook and was a founding member of the Facebook AI Research lab. I have been at DeepMind since August 2021.

This is my current official website.